Do Raspberry Ketones work?

When I first seen the photos of Jennifer Elisons ‘before and after’ photos…I thought to myself ‘I’ll have some of what she’s having’.

It was then that I read her weight loss had been assisted by Raspberry Ketones! I am cautious about buying tablets from the internet so went to Holland and Barrett. I purchased:


I took two tablets per day. I did not notice any side effects! No insomnia, no headaches, no sweating, no dizziness! Nothing!

I was on weight watchers eating only 26 pro points a day, which for those of you who don’t understand weight watchers this basically means I was eating under the daily food allowance within national guidelines. I was eating healthy foods. Although I was not exercising as such…I would take the dog for a walk and have generally active lifestyle.

I have never put weight on at weight watchers. I have lost weight every weigh in at weight watchers. However, the two weeks that I trialled raspberry ketones I put half a pound on each time! Leaving me very disappointed as whilst I had accepted the tablets weren’t going to make me lose MASSES of weight I believe they may assist slightly with weight loss!

I admit I only trialled this product for two weeks using 28 of the 60 tablets! But after two knock backs at weigh in I stopped taking them! Sure enough I lost weight the weigh in after I stopped taking the raspberry ketones!

For me they did not work! I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s experience with them?